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[Event Report] San Diego Comic Con 2010

2 Ish Good!

Yikes -- if any of you tried to pop onto the site this morning and found it down, this is the reason why.

I'm not sure if site outages can be any more epic... but things may be up and down for a while while we attempt to reroute the site to a different server.

In the meanwhile, we're working hard to get things back in order at the studio. Most orders have shipped, but a couple orders are on hold until we get our boxes back from San Diego. Thanks so much for your patience!

Speaking of San Diego!

SDCC 2010
This is but a small part of the whole convention center

I think I can safely say that SDCC is the largest event we have ever exhibited at. The count was over 120,000 attendees with interests spanning across all avenues of entertainment. There certainly wasn't enough time to see and do everything we wanted to.

We were really lucky to earn a space in Small Press this year. No new items, aside from our exclusive hand-printed Field Notes:

Up Up & Away Field Notes!

(For those interested, we have some leftovers returning in our shipment and they will be added to the shop.)

SDCC 2010

This was our first year and had no idea what to expect, but we were well received by the attendees. :3 We also had awesome aislemates~ Here's just a few!

SDCC 2010 SDCC 2010 SDCC 2010 SDCC 2010 SDCC 2010

We also had a chance to meet up with some friends and mentors on the floor:

SDCC 2010 SDCC 2010 SDCC 2010 SDCC 2010 SDCC 2010 SDCC 2010 SDCC 2010

Our feet hurt like crazy and it seems like I caught the sniffles, but I had a really great time and sincerely hope we are invited again to Small Press in 2011. :D (Or get a booth - if there's space available. D:)

More photos are up in our flickr collection~ It's really a small selection from the bajillion we took... but I'll leave the event fun reporting to Scott. XD

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2 Replies

  • AniMatsuri

    Wait. You have to be invited? Did you guys make a lot of new fans there?

    • Audra Furuichi

      Small Press is juried, so we need to submit new printed material each year to qualify. (Partly because the tables themselves are so inexpensive, compared to a booth.)

      I think we made a few new fans and friends along the way~ It was a really neat experience. Long long hours and pretty grueling, but it was worthwhile.