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2 Ish Good!

There seems to be some confusion as to if certain well-known characters are popping up in our strips~


Here's the low-down~!

There are only two intentional instances of cameos in this particular chapter.

Seen here:

1) The ACP crew: Acy, Ace, and Nico (missing Kano)


These are mascots designed by friends, Kix & Phi, for American Cosplay Paradise. I was on deadline and didn't have time to draw Kano in there as well. ^^;

The guys who run ACP are long-time friends of mine and I thought a small cameo of their mascots would be a nice touch -- as they're often scouting conventions for cosplayers.

2) Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon


As cosplayed by a friend of mine, Pikacello~ :D It just happened I had seen her cosplay photos from SDCC shortly before finishing my draft, so I added her in.

As for everything else -- Sailor Moon/Tsukino Usagi or Sakura -- admittedly, the background character in cosplay is supposed to have a general likeness to many sailor-fuku-type senshi/scouts, but is not specifically Sailor Moon or Sakura. I actively try not to put copyrighted characters in my strips because they are the intellectual property of someone else.

Same with "Professor Layton", who was supposed to look more like the mustached chef in a previous chapter... but in "detective" form.

The feel I -did- want to get across is that people are in costume at events and sometimes these costumes are great while others are piecemeal... but regardless, everyone is having a good time.

Sorry for any confusion there!

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