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More Sketchcards for Sale

0 Ish Good!

Since the first set did pretty well, I'll be adding about 7 new cards later -today-. (Like, noon Hawaii time... which is 3pm West Coast Time / 6pm East Coast Time?)

EDIT: Cards are online! Find them @ the nemu*shop!

The previews are as follows~

Note this is an in-progress shot. Not all cards are shown/completed.

See them all @ flickr~!

They will be $10 each -- since they take longer for me to do than most event sketchcards. First come, first served~!

Also! Photos are up from the Hawaiian Graphics workshop we did mid-August!

HGC Workshop - 2010
Click on the photo to see the rest in the set @ flickr!

Much thanks to Florence M. at HGC for providing the photos~! :D We're hoping to work out more workshops in the future~ Thanks to all who turned out!

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  • Linz

    If you haven't already thought of it, the preview of your sketchcards would make an awesome wallpaper. :)