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[GROUP ORDER] Nemu Deco Skins

3 Ish Good!

Nemu Deco Skins are decorative and protective skins made with 3M premium materials. The skins are great for scratch protecting your favorite tech toys and can easily be removed cleanly with no residue for repositioning or replacement.

EDIT: Looking at the number of potential orders, we are planning to switch this to a group order. Since we will not be eligible for bulk discounts, we will be adding a $2-3 "service fee" to each order (depending on the # of items purchased) to cover the shipping to us as well as the transaction fees. For any device skin that receives a minimum of ten (10) orders, we will not charge you the extra fees.

If you are local and would like to pick them up from us at our upcoming events or at Collector Maniacs, that can also be arranged per request.

Also! Don't know the generation of your Apple device? Use this link for visual reference!

We're offering two designs: Sea of Pollo and Summer's End.



Sea of Pollo - Take a look at some sample device images:
View the design | iPhone 4 | iPod Touch | iPhone 3G/3GS | MacBook Pro 13/15 inch | iPad | Kindle 3


Summer's End - Take a look at some sample device images:
View the design | iPhone 4 | iPad | iPhone 3G/3GS | iPod Touch 1st Gen / 2nd/3rd Gen | Kindle 3

If there's a device that isn't listed here that you'd like a skin of (iPods, Kindle, other phone), please fill out the form and select "other" and note the device. If there is enough demand we may be able to get it made.

These will be made by GelaSkins. To get a feel for what they look like before placed on the device take a look here and here.

Here are some examples of what the GelaSkins look like on an iPhone 4 with and without a clear case:

GS-WC-01.jpg GS-WC-02.jpg GS-WOC-01.jpg GS-WOC-02.jpg

We'll be taking Pre-Orders until Friday, October 1, so don't delay! Place your pre-order today!


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12 Replies

  • kaiki

    I love the Sea of Pollo as a wallpaper on my phone. TY so much ^^

  • Kk

    I LOVE THOSE! The first is awesome and the second is so cute! If I had an iPad I'm totally get it. Maybe you guys could make it for the iTouch?

  • nunuu

    Oooh! I hope the Sea of Pollo can be made! <3 <3 <3 I JUST ordered an iPod Touch G4 two days ago so this would be fantastic to have! I shall pre-order when I get home! :D

  • kaiki

    Come on everyone, pre-order Apple MacBook NON-Unibody 13" for Sea of Pollo. If we all do it, it will happen =D

  • rika

    DO WANT!
    I can't pre-order it, sadly. TT_TT
    Sooo... I want you people to pre-order it for meee :3 Please?
    That would be awesome if I could have one~

  • Audra Furuichi

    Looking at the counts, we might just do this as a "group order" instead. I won't be able to get any sort of discounts on the individual skins, BUT everyone will be able to get the design they want on the device they want.

    The catch? Aside from paying the base price per and shipping, I'll have to tack on a few extra dollars to each order to cover shipping to me and any fees involved. (Looking things over, possibly $2-3 for most orders.)

    Thoughts? If you're interested, please join the list for the device you'd like a skin for. I'll be sending out an e-mail this weekend for those who have expressed interest on how we will go forward with this.

    For those who reach a minimum of 10 orders per design/device, we will extend the bulk discount to you.

  • Alex

    Will there be skins in more designs, or are there going to be only these two designs available as skins?