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Episode 645 - Soothing Sounds

The meaning of the word botcha can be found here.

If you're wondering why Anpan is so afraid of the botcha machine, you can read all about that here: Anpan vs. the Botcha Machine.

Soothing Sounds
October 6, 2010 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Nemu decides to try something different to help Anpan get over his fear of the washing machine.

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Webcomic Transcription

Soothing Sounds

panel 1: Nemu finds Anpan inside Ani's room holding onto Mr. Buns.
Nemu: Anpan? Oh! Dere ish! Wat wrong?

panel 2: Anpan says:
Anpan: Anpan no like da botcha machine! ISH SHPOOKERS!

panel 3: He turns to Nemu and shows his determination!
Anpan: NO WAY Anpan ever gonna botcha AGAIN!

panel 4: Nemu grabs his buddy by the paw...
Nemu: Nemu gots idea~! Come! COME!
Anpan: Wha-?!

panel 5: And shows him a large bowl.
Nemu: How 'bout trying shometing different!
Anpan: A bowl?

panel 6: Anpan isn't sure about this.
Anpan: Ish dis a trick?

panel 7: Nemu reassures him happily.
Nemu: Nopes- get in!

panel 8: Anpan gets into the bowl and Nemu puts the blanket on him and then some headphones.
Nemu: Sit back and relax...
Anpan: Oooh...

panel 9: Nemu presses play on the Kiwipod as it starts to play some soothing ocean sounds.
Nemu: Enjoy shome soothing sounds!
SFX: Click

panel 10: Anpan freaks out at the sound of the ocean!
SFX: Woooooossshhhhhrrrr!