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[Event Report] APE & Mini-Con 2010

0 Ish Good!

Sorry for the terrible photos this time~ I was too lazy preoccupied to take out my camera for our last two events!

APE 2010

APE 2010

This was my second time exhibiting at APE - the first being in 2008. (We couldn't quite make it for 2009 as it really conflicted with our schedule.)

I went solo this time, hauling whatever could fit into my two suitcases. Thankfully the weather held up on Saturday, but it did pour a bit on Sunday.

APE 2010 APE 2010 APE 2010 APE 2010 APE 2010 APE 2010 APE 2010

I got to spend an amazing weekend with the equally amazing Deb Aoki of Bento Box fame and Daniel & Dawna Davis of Steamcrow. We noshed on exceptional SF cuisine and had a grand ol' time. :D

The absolute best part of hitting APE was meeting (in person!) all the other exhibitors including Philippa Rice of My Cardboard Life, Louie del Carmen of Steel Noodles, Fawn Lau of f*x*t mag, Javier Hernandez of el Muerto, Kevin Cross, Eric of 4DE, Jason & Patty - the Fat Rabbit Farm duo, Dave Roman & Raina Telgemeier, and a whole bunch more~ :3

Oh~ and more photos here @ our flickr collection.

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Mini-Con 2010 @ the McCully-Moili'ili Public Library

Mini-Con 2010

Hurray for the mini-con! It was a fun, laid back event~! Considering the library's size and parking situation, the turn out was quite good!

Mini-Con 2010 Mini-Con 2010 Mini-Con 2010 Mini-Con 2010 Mini-Con 2010 Mini-Con 2010

We shared the floor with local artists,Jon J. Murakami and Kevin Sano. Jon just debuted his new children's book, Geckos Make a Rainbow, that should be hitting shelves in a few weeks. :D

Also, a huge thanks for those who stopped by and gifted us with FOOD!! :3 You guys are so thoughtful! :D

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  • Mikala90skid

    This is so awesome! I'm still really bummed that I couldn't be there for the mini-con, but my friend (who's actually in the first picture from the mini-con ^_^) said that it was a lot of fun and that she loved it!