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Commissions Open! (For a Limited Time!)

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Commissions are open until December 17th!


Three types are available: Color, Ink, and Sketchcards. Commissions are roughly 5x7" on high-quality watercolor or bristol board. Sketchcards are roughly 3x4" on preprinted cards or artist trading cards.

Please be aware that ordering a commission may delay the shipping of your order -- although I am trying to get them done within a week of the order being placed. I may also close commissions sooner depending on the number of incoming orders and my workload.

These are my shop order deadlines to receive your package in time for X-mas:
International: December 1st
Continental US: December 8th
Hawaii: December 15th

Also, if you have something larger or more complex in mind, like a larger sized commission or more characters, please contact me for pricing.

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