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Gung Hee Fat Choy - 2011!

1 Ish Good!

Happy Chinese New Year!
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It's finally official - it's the Year of the Bunny!

Help us kick things off on the right foot by helping us move up the ranks at Top 100 Web Comics!

As much as we love you readers, we desperately need to find more wonderful people like you this year and grow our audience. We know we have a super supportive readership in all of you, so please help us out! It only takes a little of your time!

We're giving TWC a go this month -- it's a cumulative effort, so please vote daily for us by clicking the button below or on the right column of our main page! You don't have to register for the site - just answer the bot-filter question correctly and your vote will be recorded. You can vote once per day per registered account or every 10 hours per IP address. (I think?)

We are aiming for the Top 10. CLICK THE BANNER BELOW TO VOTE! This is our current standing:

There is currently an incentive: If you vote, you'll get a wallpaper with the chubby bunny above in it, so vote to grab it! :D

Let's go for it, gang! :D

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7 Replies

  • AniMatsuri

    Top Web Comics lets you vote once per day. For TWC the day ends at 12am PST. Meaning if you live in Hawai'i you can vote again after 10pm.

  • BunnySox

    thanks for the awesome wallpaper :) ill be using it for a while and ill vote EVERYDAY,u guys deserve to be number 1!
    2 questions though,
    1.the site said something about a new voting prize every week,is that true?
    and 2.can u make the "pancakes waffles" nemu banner available on ur site?id LOVE to put it on my site!
    btw thanks for making me laugh every day,like ur logo says,enjoy everyday!:)

    • Audra Furuichi

      I'll do my best to create a new incentive regularly to keep interest alive -- if it's a wallpaper, it'll just be one size though, since it only allows me one image to link.

      You can simply grab the banner by right clicking and saving the banner to your desktop. Scott makes them for our ads on fellow sites and there's a whole series of them. I should ask him to make them available to our readers if they want to share. :3 Some are pretty funny. XD

  • Chocolate

    I was born in 1999 so this is my year.

  • rika

    I read in Cel Shaded that you were one of the top webcomics! I'll be sure to vote for you guys! nemu*nemu deserves to be #1! :D

  • Goldenpaw

    nemu-nemu is most definatly deserves to be number 1 and just a random thing this picture really makes me want to play CHUBBY BUNNY with my FRIENDS!!!!!!