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Episode 708 - The Good Ol' Days

The Good Ol' Days
February 28, 2011 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Toasty tells the pups a punny story about the good ol' days.

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Webcomic Transcription

The Good Ol' Days

panel 1: Toasty tells the pups about the good ol' days. The diner is bustling!
Toasty: Ah yeah– the good ol' days... back when business was boomin' and I was on a ROLL! But first, lemme introduce ya to my crew.

panel 2: The chef...
Toasty: The chef KNEADED no introduction, if ya know what I mean.

panel 3: The waitress...
Toasty: Our waitresses were a fine line of SWEET TARTS.

panel 4: The bus boy...
Toasty: The bus boy BUTTERED UP the customers for tips.

panel 5: The customers...
Toasty: And of course– the USUAL FARE, our BREAD AND BUTTER.

panel 6: Toasty's pals, the coffee pots and cups...
Toasty: PERKULATOR and his little lady, HAUTE POT took care of the front line... along with KUPPER, CHINA, CRYSTAL and the gang. And of course, there was me– TOASTY THE BREAKFAST KING! What't the best thing since SLICED BREAD?

panel 7: Toasty pops his toast!
Toasty: Why TOAST of course!