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Episode 709 - Oo La La!

Oo La La!
March 2, 2011 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Toasty continues his story, with a tale of French Toast.

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Webcomic Transcription

Oo La La!

panel 1: The waitress puts the toast into toasty and pushes his lever.
Toasty: During my days at the diner, I made it my goal...

panel 2: Toasty does his thing!
Toasty: That every plate that went out to a customer... had something on it toasted to PERFECTION!

panel 3: The waitress gives him a wink as he pops out a slice of toast!
Toasty: I was THE BEST at what I did.

panel 4: The Diner has some yummy breakfast foods! Eggs, bacon, steak and of course.. toast!
Toasty: But every now and then, someone has a CRUMB-Y idea. The chef wanted to expand his menu... The guy had some PIE IN THE SKY ideas for breakfast... So he brought in this UPPER CRUST clown called FRENCH TOAST...

panel 5: An angry group of bread gathers behind the French Toast...
Toasty: Turns out, French Toast wasn't even FRENCH! He wasn't TOAST either!
French Toast: Oh ho ho! Oui oui! I am French Toast!
Toasty: He wasn't a favorite of my crew.

panel 6: They want him outta here!
French Toast: Oo la la!
Toasty: Looks like the YOLK was on him!