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Episode 712 - A New Beginning

A New Beginning
March 9, 2011 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Toasty gets sold and ends up in a new home. He's just a little miffed though...

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Webcomic Transcription

A New Beginning

panel 1: The kid looks into the box that was just dropped.
Toasty: Apparently, I were sold at an auction.
Kid: What's this? Looks like a lot of broken junk.

panel 2: The dad give 'em a knuckle head!
Dad: And WHOSE fault is that?
Kid: Sowwy~

panel 3: Poor Toasty lays in a heap of stuff inside the box!
Toasty: I could hear 'em wheelin' and dealin', but they wouldn't WAFFLE on the price. Then, they let the kid carry the goods into the house. What kind of HALF-BAKED idea was that?

panel 4: The Mom gives Toasty to Dad for examination...
Mom: It's a miracle this thing survived after a fall like that.
Dad: Sigh.
Kid: I-I didn't meant to! Honest!

panel 5: Mom comforts the child...
Mom: It's okay. No harm done. Now wipe your tears and put the nice toaster on the kitchen counter, OK?
Kid: 'Kay, Ma...

panel 6: Toasty isn't too happy...
Toasty: I was alone again... 'cept for this kid... that I was still kinda STEAMED at.

panel 7: The child tries to make amends with Toasty but...
Toasty: I had a BURNIN' Desire to give 'em...
SFX: pat pat

panel 8: He has other ideas and give out a shock!
Kid: YOW!
Toasty: A PIZZA my mind!