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TWC Incentive UP! Volume 5 Back Cover Preview!

1 Ish Good!

Vote for us to see a sneak peek at our upcoming volume 5's back cover! (Click the image above or the banner below to go to the voting page!)

As a note, Volume 5 has been sent to the printers and we expect to have them in hand mid-late April -- just in time for Kawaii Kon! Stay tuned for pre-order information~ :D

Click the button above to vote for us!

In the meanwhile, I am working on a few things to help raise funds for the American Red Cross. I am too busy with work at this time to do something -immediately- and I do feel badly about it, but as I understand, donations are needed over an extended period of time and I would like to contribute at a time when the media coverage has died down a little. These things take some time for me to get done, so stay tuned. :3

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  • rika

    It looks great! :D I can't wait to see the whole thing!
    Is that Nemesis behind Kana? :0