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Episode 718 - Por Flavor

Por Flavor
March 23, 2011 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Toasty is wheelin' and dealin' with the pups for the next story.

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Webcomic Transcription

Por Flavor

panel 1: Anpan and Nemu sit in front of Toasty enjoying their snacks after the story.
Anpan: Dat was a good shtory, Toasty!
Nemu: Mhrm!

panel 2: But Anpan isn't satisfied.
Anpan: But dat's NOT what Anpan wanted to know.

panel 3: Toasty's interest is piqued.
Toasty: Oh?

panel 4: Anpan explains what he really wanted.
Anpan: Anpan was asking, how did Toasty get HERE! How did Toasty get to Kana Mama's house!
Toasty: AH~

panel 5: Toasty winks at the pups as he responds...
Toasty: Now that's a REALLY good story! But... I dunno if I should tell it to ya...

panel 6: The pups know this story must be REALLY good!
Pups: GASP!

panel 7: Toasty is thinking of an angle....
Toasty: Well... maybe we can wourk out a DEAL... I'll tell you this SUPER GOOD STORY– and you do me a LITTLE FAVOR. Whadayathink?

panel 8: The pups take a moment to decide what to do next...
Pups: ...

panel 9: and quickly agree by shaking Toasty's handles!
Pups: OK!
SFX: shake shake shake