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Waffling on our Books? Now's the time to decide!

1 Ish Good!

If you have been waffling over buying the printed editions of our books, well, now is the time to make your decision!

04/06/2011 Edit: VOLUME 3 HAS SOLD OUT - Copies will be available in very limited quantity at TCAF and Fanime.

Stock is critically low!

At this point in time, I will likely run out of Volume 1 within the next 2 months.
We do not plan to reprint these books at any time in the near future.

As a side note: Toronto Canadians can pick up all 4 volumes at the Beguiling! There are still a few in stock left there. Additionally, I have already shipped a small number of all 5 volumes for TCAF in May, so I will have some on hand for the show, even if I run out at my next show, Kawaii Kon.

All for those waiting for Volume 5 here, preorders will open April 1st. (No Joke!) :D

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