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[Event 2011] Kawaii Kon 2011

3 Ish Good!

Enjoy a short teaser by Roy "Buma" Bann!

It's that time of year! This weekend will mark our 5th year exhibiting at Kawaii Kon!

Over the course of this week, I will be doing a few "reveals" leading up to the convention, so please stay tuned!

A few other things to mention:

1) All Volume 5 pre-orders are shipping -today-! Thanks so much to everyone who pre-ordered! It took a good 4 days to personalize all the books. They should be arriving on your doorstops soon~!

2) Have you taken a look at the nemu*shop lately? Scott's been working extra hard at refreshing it this past month! You might also notice that we've lowered the price on our plush pups~!

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