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Kawaii Kon 2011 - Reveal #1! Enchilada & Pollo!

2 Ish Good!

Our first big reveal for Kawaii Kon 2011!

Introducing our latest pup (and pal!) to join the nemu*nemu plush family:

Enchilada & Pollo!

But Pollo isn't just any ol' Pollo -- Pollo is CHIBI Pollo!

Or maybe "micro" Pollo!

The sticker next to Pollo is 2" in size. Pollo is roughly 1.5"!

Which means, Enchilada is pretty chibi too!

Pollo Pile!

He's actually 4" tall~ :3

Aren't they cute?!

They'll see you at Kawaii Kon~! :D

More... tomorrow? :D

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9 Replies

  • Henshin Rider Anpan

    They are so cute!!!!!

  • Heather

    They are fantastic!!! Will you offer them on your website?! I must buy one!!!!

  • JB

    AWESOME! So cute~!! If I was still in Hawaii, I would totally go to Kawaii Kon just to get those XD!

  • Jason

    Enchilada!!! OLÉ!!

  • crimsonjade

    !!! *GASP*

    *Faints and dies of utter cuteness*


  • minyoustar

    They're… so… cute!! *∆* -cuteness overload!- Gaaahhh… I wish I could go Kawaii Kon this year! ;A; It's the first year since I started going that I haven't been able to go.

  • Qiezei

    I've been waiting for an Enchilada plushie! I feel like flying to Kawaii Con just for Enchilada. :)

  • Matt

    My summers already planned or i would go just for nemu nemu and these plushes... CURSE YOU PLANNED OUT SUMMER!!!!!!!

  • TempleDog

    I didn't even know about these until I rolled up on Audra's table at TCAF! Naturally, I bought me a Enchilada on the spot, and Audra tossed in a mini-Pollo as well, cuz she's all awesome and stuff. Plus, I brung her timbits. Later!