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Kawaii Kon 2011 - Reveal #4! The Charity Auction

1 Ish Good!

And we have our final reveal for Kawaii Kon~

Original for sale @ the Kawaii Kon Charity Auction

About a month ago, Kawaii Kon-folk contacted me about doing a piece for their charity auction with all monies going directly to the Japan relief aid. I just completed it right before starting on today's strip, so I do apologize for the late notice. XD;

The original drawn with copic markers and colored pencils on 8x10" on Fabriano hot-pressed watercolor paper. :D

And thus ends our week of revelations for Kawaii Kon! Sorry, no shirts this time! :3 We hope to see you folks at the show -- if not, we plan to post the remaining stock online post-show!

Kawaii Kon -- START~! :D

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