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Kawaii Kon 2011 - Aftermath~

1 Ish Good!

A great big thank you to everyone who came out to see us at Kawaii Kon!

KK is always our biggest and brightest show -- we always try to top ourselves each year with new and exciting product to share with you. I'm -so- glad that chibi Pollo and Enchilada were so well received!

Also, we sold -all- of our charity sakura charms.

And here is our combined donation to the Red Cross for Japan Disaster Relief efforts!

Thank you everyone for your support! To top this off, my original drawing for the Kawaii Kon charity auction sold for $210! Together, that's a combined effort of $460!

My grandma's side of the family is from the affected areas, so this really does mean a great deal to me.

Our new items will be added to the shop over the course of the week -- except for the Circus Field Notes, which remainders I will be hauling with me to TCAF this weekend. If I have any leftovers, I will be adding them to the nemu*shop. :D

I have so much more to report, but GAH - I have SO much to do before I leave Hawaii on Wednesday.

I will be seeing some of you soon in Canada! If you have anything -specific- you'd like me to bring with me, please let me know ASAP as I am packing my suitcase TONIGHT. I won't be bringing shirts unless asked for a specific size/style and limited quantities of everything else!

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