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[Event 2011] Toronto Comic Arts Festival

1 Ish Good!

This weekend, I (Audra) will be exhibiting at TCAF - the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, held in the Toronto Reference Library! It's a 2-day event, jam-packed with so much awesome comics-stuff, it's mind-boggling. In fact, check out the official site -- the list of guests are amazing. I am incredibly honored to be returning this year!

If you'd like to find me, I'm back on the 2nd floor pavilion, seated right next to none other than Meghan Murphy of Kawaii Not at Table #210.


In addition to exhibiting, I will also be on a panel to introduce the world of webcomics to kids with Agnes Garbowska on Saturday from 1-1:45pm in the Novella room, which is conveniently down the hall from our tables on the 2nd floor. :D


As for table stuff, I have very limited space this time around, so likewise, I will have very limited quantities of my shop items. If there is something -specific- you have in mind, please contact me ASAP so I can add it to my luggage!

I'll be leaving Hawaii on Wednesday evening and returning on Tuesday -- Scott will still be in the studio, but will likely hold all shop updates (and similarly, the orders) until I return!

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4 Replies

  • TempleDog

    Don't ferget my Artist Edition 'Out of this World' book and sleepy Pollo pendants, and I won't forget the TimBits!

  • meragold

    oh you came back!!!! awesomeee :3

    I'm really sorry I couldn't come.. I was really busy yesterday ^^;
    but I hope you had a great time!!!!!!!!

  • Miree

    I got the whole series while at TCAF this past weekend!! I ♥ the whole SERIES!! Audra you were so nice, I am so glad to have met you at TCAF!!