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Reviewing the DAGi stylus for idevices

2 Ish Good!

It's been a while since I last did one of these, but Scott just picked up a couple of these for me recently and they just arrived today in the mail! :D


Pretty excited -- I've been using the POGO stick thing from before and was really disappointed by the spongey tip which did nothing for responsiveness nor accuracy. It is now "demoted" to being our Square sign-pen when we do events.

Scott saw Louie del Carmen's video reviews and thought we should give these guys a try!

Here are some shots of the packaging and what comes inside:

Click on the thumbnails to see the photos better~

Pretty simple packaging - markings on the side let you know which model number and each stylus comes with a cap to protect the point (which is made of aluminum and plastic, I believe?). The newer model (the P503) has an extra pen-type cap which snaps on.

(Just be careful - insert the tip slowly and straight into the cap -- I angled it and it kinda got stuck. O_O;)

If you'd like to try out the QR code, it takes you to a youtube video of the stylus being demonstrated on an iPad.

Here's one last photo comparing the two tips:

The #501 a.k.a the "Capacitive Pen" (the left pen) is built with a large "bar" of aluminum connecting the pen to the larger circular plastic tip.

The #503 a.k.a the "Accu-Pen" (the right pen) is built with a finer aluminum tip that connects directly to the central dot on the plastic disc point.

Here's a quick test drawing with the #503 on my iPhone4 with the Brushes app.

Here's a quick test drawing with the #501 on my iPhone4 with the Brushes app.

Between the two, I like the #503 more - there is a little less guesswork where the point touches the surface and in turn, you can get much more accurate linework. There are moments when there may be skipped connectivity and the point will be unresponsive, but I think it might have more to do with how you hold the pen and how the plastic disc touches the device surface.

The sensation of drawing with the stylus on the glass surface takes some getting used to, but I have to admit, it has made the process of drawing on the iPad a lot more enjoyable. :D

Here's a short video of me using the #503 to do a test drawing on the iPad Brushes app.

For those interested in finding where to pick up their own DAGi stylus, they are available at their online shop for $23~

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