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Art Contest at Liliha Public Library - 2011 EDITION!

2 Ish Good!


Remember the last art contest Liliha Library hosted late last year?

Well, it's just gotten much bigger and MUCH better.

In fact, before I get to the details let me list the PRIZES.

Sponsored by the library:
- A set of Copic markers

From Sakura of America:
- Manga-Comic Pro Sketching and Inking Set
- A red pen case
- Canson comic & manga artist trading cards

From Smith-Micro Software:
- Manga Studio Debut 4

From Wacom Technology:
- Bamboo Pen

And goodies from various sponsors including Right Stuf, Kawaii Kon, DC Comics, TokyoPop!

There are also prizes set aside for both first and second place winners -- and the first 100 entrants will receive manga instructional booklets courtesy of Sakura of America!

So you want to get a head start and enter the contest? GO HERE!

For more info, read on~! :3

Now with that all of the way, here is the basic breakdown of rules:

1) This is open to students in grades 6-12 statewide. If you are out-of-state, I'm sorry~!

2) Entries will be accepted at Liliha Library (1515 Liliha Street), mail-in or walk-in entries are OK. Ten (10) entries allowed per person. DEADLINE IS JULY 15th!

3) Artwork must be original, fanart is OK. No traces, no copies, please. Fanart is OK, but no stealing of other people's work. (We can tell you know... (o___o))

4) All art submitted, digital or traditional, must be printed out on 8.5x11" unlined paper. Printouts or photocopies are encouraged as the library would love to keep them to promote future events (and show off what local talent we have~!)

For the rest of the nitty-gritty (and I implore you to read it if you are interested in participating), this is the official flyer for the contest!

Any questions, you can send it to us and we can contact the librarian or you can call the library directly at 808-587-7577.

Good luck! Jason, Scott, and I look forward to seeing all the entries! :D

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