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Shop Notice - Pre-SDCC!

2 Ish Good!

We're leaving for San Diego on Monday morning -- which means the nemu*shop will be semi-closed until we return on the 25th.

You will be able to order as normal -- online orders will get precedence as long as we have the item on hand/in stock. We will try to update the shop as items sell out, but given the iffy net-connectivity in the hall, we shall see.

Here are some items that are extremely low in stock and will not be re-stocked:

Volume 1
Volume 3

Smaller Pollo Shower Shirts(Ladies S/M)
Believe Shirts (Ladies M)

Awake Pollo

We also have low stock on some of our pins and jewelry/charms.

For SDCC attendees, I will also be bringing some old prints for blow out:

13x18" prints on high-quality epson watercolor paper

They're both kinda old prints from 2005-2006~ If interested, stop by our booth to pick them up for $5 a piece! :D (Oh, and bring a roll or something -- I don't have any packaging for these guys!)

If anyone online is interested in one, shoot me an e-mail. It's $5 if you can pick it up from us in person -- I'll need to work out the shipping logistics otherwise (and considering the cost of a mailing tube and shipping, it'll probably be closer to $10-15 shipped).

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