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Our latest Field Notes for SDCC 2011!

3 Ish Good!

Alright - inspiration always seems to strike at the 11th hour for us. We were almost not going to do a Field Note exclusive print for San Diego Comic Con because we were so busy with everything else.

But lookie what we have!


It's a limited run of 45 -- hand-printed with turquoise ink on both ruled and blank Field Notes brand books.


Theme? What other than the Pup Avengers!

Find us in Small Press, Table O-14! We'll also have a slew of smaller prints (at great prices!) and our usual stock of goodies.

Any extras'll be added to the nemu*shop when we return! (Although, if you -really- want us to hold one for you, e-mail us~ ^_^v)

And a little bonus for those who haven't seen all our previous designs~! (Sorry so dark...)


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