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nemu*shop Update! - Avenger Pups FN added, Prices Reduced!

2 Ish Good!

Hey folks! Now that all our stuff came back from California, we are totally back in business at the nemu*shop!

We've added the remaining stock of Avenger Pup Field Notes:


(Available in both lined and blank pages!)

And reduced prices on our Gelaskins and printed acrylic charms!

BTW~! Our acrylic charms are not shrinky-dinks! They're made of hard acrylic and are quite durable and water-resistant.

Our high-quality, super cute, very durable Gelaskins! Choose from three designs super cool designs! :D We also have iPad (version 1) skins available for Sea of Pollo and Summer's End -- e-mail us if interested!

Lastly -- we are inquiring on facebook about what to do about our recently sold-out BFF parade shirts. They've been a successful run and by far, our most popular shirt... but now that cotton prices are going up and gas prices (thus shipping costs for events) are rising-- we're wondering if we should try printing them as canvas bags instead? Your thoughts? Vote at the nemu*nemu facebook fan page, or just comment here.

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