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[Events 2011] Mini-Con 2011

1 Ish Good!

Our next event was one that was in the works for the past month or so, but we're finally made it official!

Not our official logo, but we needed something quick. XD;

Mini-Con 2011 is GO!

(Here are some photos from last year's mini-con~ :D)

Mini-Con will be taking place at the McCully-Moiliili Library on Saturday, September 10th from 10am to about 1pm.

McCully-Moiliili Library
2211 S King St
Honolulu, HI 96826-2395
(808) 973-1099

The usual suspects will be head-lining there:

Jon J. Murakami of "Gordon Rider" fame

Kevin Sano - graphic designer and awesome comics illustrator to boot

and.. well, you know this person (I hope!):


We will all be hauling all of our shop goodies -- books, toys, shirts, artwork, etc. It's a totally free event, and the library will be hosting an anime viewing and a few other activities. Come in costume and win prizes! :D

Also, were also happy to announce that a new community art group, "Pen & Ink Works", is forming locally, run by Brady and Heather. They're just getting started and will have a small program and workshop they will be running throughout the event.

If you have some art you'd like to show off or possibly get some advice, bring some examples to the event! Pen & Ink Works staff will be there throughout the show to talk with you one-on-one, so don't be shy! :D


We hope to see you there!

One last note! Parking at the library is very limited, so consider scheduling a drop off. However, we don't advise minors coming to the event unaccompanied by a parent/guardians! Please schedule accordingly! :D

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