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Last Week to Help Us KickStart Volume 6

4 Ish Good!

Screenshot on December 23, 2011: 1:52pm HST
Click on the screenshot to visit the Kickstarter Project page
Edit 2: WE ARE FULLY FUNDED! OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! Incentive packages are still available until the Kickstarter closes on 11:50pm, December 26th! Thank you again!
Edit: We broke the $9000 mark!! Now it's a race to finish line!

We're down to less than a week to fund our next book and we're still more than $3000 short of our total goal of $10,000.

Let me take this opportunity to explain a few things about this Kickstarter project.

1) This is -not- a donation or charity.
This is an opportunity to group-fund our next book by making monetary pledges. I have a number of incentive packages to choose from and you can make adjustments to your pledge until the project closes on December 26th. You are not charged for your pledge unless the goal is met and the deadline passes. We expect the books to be in hand the week of Kawaii Kon 2012 and all incentive packages will be shipped the following week.

2) This is an all-or-nothing opportunity
What this means is, if I do not reach my goal by December 26th, no money is collected. Volume 6 is the tipping point to test our market and reach for our printed products. If funding fails, this also means it's very unlikely I will print a book in 2012 and may opt to release only books via digital download henceforth.

3) All monies (if) collected are specifically for nemu*nemu print projects.
The total $10,000 is to cover all print costs, freight, shipping expenses, taxes and fees. Any extraneous funds not used for these purposes will be calculated and held for our next print project, be it a reprint of previously sold out material or our next book in 2013.

That being said, I'm trying my best to reach as many people as possible regarding this project. If you'd like to help us out, please consider making a pledge or sharing this Kickstarter project with your networks. If you have an suggestions on places to post, people to ask, etc, chime in! Likewise, if you have an idea for an incentive package or would like to contribute something or a service on behalf of this kickstarter, let me know!

Thanks so much to all who have assisted in this project! It really does mean a lot to me that our hard work means something to you!


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