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It's fun to play with your food! :D

0 Ish Good!

You may have noticed a bright yellow banner below our comic for the month of February~ We are happy to feature a game I helped work on: Sushi Star!

Sushi Star!

For long-time followers of the nemu*blog, you may remember my mentioning my work on Sushi Star last year. I designed their spunky title character, Sueko-chan. The game itself is a load of fun - cute, quirky, and a bit challenging to even the most seasoned gamer.

Well, we're happy to announce there's a free version available for all to try out! If you have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), please give the game a go and tell us what you think, either in the iTunes app store or here at the blog! :D

If you'd like to support our hard work, (and perhaps see more games like these~) consider picking up the full version!

Itadakimasu! :D

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