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[Process] Current Favorites! Part 3: Drawing Tools + contest! [CLOSED]

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Note 2012.04.14: Contest is closed and winner has been contacted but feel free to keep posting your suggestions! I'm all ears!

--Sorry if you read this intro from Wednesday's post, just recapping some of the important info for new readers! -- Audra


This week, I'll be doing a series of nemu*blog posts, (sponsored by one of my absolute favorite online stationery stores, JetPens) covering just one facet of my love of all things stationery -- writing and drawing instruments!

Now, while I may be giving some of my own recommendations, I encourage you to participate and let me know some of your own recommendations per each category! Participate by replying to my four (4) blog posts this week with your own recommendations and/or product wish list according to each pen type and I'll enter you in a drawing to win a $25 e-gift card from JetPens! (Which means you will get automatic free shipping within the US!) Respond to all four (4) blog posts and get a total of 4 entries in your name!

Without further ado! Part 3: Drawing Tools (read on!)

#1 Lamy Scribble Drafting Pencil 0.7mm


This is my second most expensive pencil, clocking in at $37 (for those curious, this is my most expensive drafting pencil to date...), but by far my favorite. I use it paired with the Pilot Color Eno Lead in Soft Blue or Ain B lead to do a lot of my sketches and doodles.


It's shorter, stubbier, and heavier than most mechanical pencils but it's nicely balanced so it feels nice to hold and draw with.

#2 Uni-ball Color Pencil Lead - Soft Blue


For all of my other standard 0.5mm mechanical pencils, I like to use this lead for my drafts. In fact, I've used this lead for -years-, starting off with a multicolor pack a friend picked up while in Japan. You can't imagine how thrilled I was when I saw them states-side. :D

The nice thing about this lead is that it's soft and bright, but easily erasable -- or at least the soft blue and regular blue colors.

It's not totally non-repro blue, but the color is light enough that scanning, photocopying and clean up isn't any more difficult than with any other blue pencil. (My other favorite is the ColErase line in light blue and blue. :D)

#3 Pentel Graphgear 1000 Drafting Pencil 0.5mm


This is my other go-to pencil. It's much more affordable than my previously mentioned Lamy, costing about $16.

It's made of metal and it about the same weight at the Lamy, but is shaped and feels much more like a standard mechanical pencil.

It comes in a variety of sizes, but I opt for the 0.5mm for the convenience of the lead size.

The tip is retractable by simply pushing on the clip, which protects the point (and lead) from getting damaged.


I sometimes use this pencil for sketch, but more often than not, I use it when I'm working on my accounting stuff (which is a ton of writing since I log most everything down in ledgers for quick reference.)

* * * *

I've collected a number of pencils over the years, and these guys are my current staples. They're kinda expensive, yes -- and I think they're well-worth their price. :D

As for my crazy expensive Rotring 800? To me, it's a great show of just how cost doesn't always equate to "better". I picked it up because it was a Japan-made Rotring, and both Scott and I *love* our Rotring pens - radiographs, ArtPens, etc - and thought it would be an amazing investment.

In short, I found it was a little too heavy for my needs and in turn, I use it less.

Simple as that~! :D

* * * *

So! Do you have any great must-have recommendations? Favorite leads? Favorite mechanical or drafting pencils? I'm all ears! ^_^!

Post anytime from today until Friday at 5pm Hawaii Standard Time (FYI, we're 3 hours AFTER the U.S. west coast) to my [Process] blog posts and be entered to win a $25 gift card from JetPens!

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13 Replies

  • Kathryn T.

    The Graphgear 1000 is my FAVORITE PENCIL EVER! I was given a .5 one as a gift several years ago and it's been my go-to pencil ever since. I don't draw, but I do a lot of writing and note-taking, so having a good pencil is critical. I love the weight of the Graphgear, and my hand rarely gets tired when I use it. I bought an extra a few months ago, just in case I ever lose my current one.

    As far as leads go, I love the Pentel Supplio scented pencil lead. It was always nice when I had to take standardized tests... filling in the bubbles would generate a nice, relaxing smell.

  • Hunter

    Oh dang those are alot better than the stupid one I have a bic one I would loooove soo very much for my work. I need something comfortable and sadly all mine don't have grips, they kinda started cracking. There was a nice maroon one I had once but I lost it at school once, my favorie lead though I use alot is usually a 0.7 although I just found a small thing of 0.9 once and its growing on me lol.

  • mu

    My favorite drafting pencil is either Rotring 500 with 0.35 lead or the Zebra Tect 2way Light 0.3. The Zebra one is great cuz the lead is so light... which is probably why it's in the name x] I have also tried the Pentel GraphGear 1000 and it's great :D I seem to like the thinner leads for some reason...

  • kaitou

    The Rotring reminds me of the old drafting pencils I used to use (with the 1/8" lead). Do they even make those anymore? (Just checked; they actually make a Lamy that takes 1/8" (3.15mm) lead! Didn't see a lead sharpener for it. Guess you have to use the old sand-paper-on-a-stick.)

    Currently using a cheapy, but comfortable, Pilot G-2 (0.5mm). Standard black HB lead. (Should look into getting some blue lead for scanning.)

  • kristine

    One of my favorite pencils is an oldie sanford titanium .5! I believe the titanium is now made by pentel possibly? Its been that long that I've had it!

  • Haruyo

    That is my all time favorite pencil. I've actually been using that same pencil for something like over 4 years now. I have owned five different ones, I still own two. They never broke on me, the grip feels awesome, but I've had two disappear unfortunately. I have a thing for 0.3 lead though, might be how tiny I used to write when I was in high school carried over into my writing tools for all time. XD

  • Heather

    I find myself often leaning toward the Pentel icy 0.7mm and the Prismacolor Copy-Not

    I have to admit, I'd probably like other pencils better, but I tend to pick out the best of the best among the office supplies and go crazy making that my new favorite drawing pencil... but I've yet to replace the Copy-Not's XD

  • Sara A

    I use a variety of pencils for drawing. Mechanical pencils are a lot of fun. I like the Uni Kuru Toga because it spins the lead for you and keeps the point nice and sharp. I've also experience no breaking of the lead with this one.
    That Graphgear line is gorgeous and has been on my wish list for a long time.
    Someday I want to get some larger lead holders. I see others with them and they just look fun.
    I need to pick up some of that light blue lead - Thanks for the tip! ^^

  • Aisazia

    I usually use the regular BIC mechanical pencils since they are cheap. lol I have recently acquired a Pentel Graphgear 1000 Drafting Pencil but in a 0.7mm and am liking it so far. :D No good recommendations since I haven't used pencils too much recently. :/

  • Jo

    The Pentel Graphgear looks so neat ouo
    I just tend to stick with a Sakura 0.7 for my sketches. I used to have a really thick Garfield pencil in high school that I remember using when I was starting out drawing. XD I wonder what happened to it...

  • Kayla

    I typically lean towards traditional drawing pencils rather than the mechanical or drafting pencils. I am fairly heavy handed and tend to break mechanical pencil leads far more frequently than most. My favorite pencils are just the standard blue Staedler drawing pencils.

  • C. Miller

    I've always wondered about the coloured lead refills for mechanical pencils, so I'll have to check out your recommendation! I tend to use traditional pencils, the Design or Derwent brands, depending on what store I'm shopping from. My friend bought me an interesting mechanical pencil from Korea that has chisel-shaped lead, which was an interesting departure from the typical round leads. It's fun to experiment with, but I haven't used it for serious work yet.

  • Charles L.

    I always keep a 0.7 pencil and a 0.9 pencil in my bag. (With 2B lead) The 0.7 is a dream to write with -- it's the Pentel Kerry:

    And my 0.9 pencil is the GraphGear 1000 you've already mentioned above.