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[Process] Current Favorites! Part 4: Pens Galore + contest! [CLOSED]

2 Ish Good!

Note 2012.04.14: Contest is closed and winner has been contacted but feel free to keep posting your suggestions! I'm all ears!


Today's post wraps up my week-long blog series about some of my favorite writing and drawing instruments! Thanks so much to everyone for their -great- suggestions/ recommendations! I've found a few new items to add to my own shopping list the next time I need to put an order thru! (And that's kinda soon, now that I think about it...)

So! Post to any of my [Process] blog posts this week with your accompanying recommendation or wishlist to increase your chances to win a $25 e-giftcard, courtesy of Jetpens!

Posts will close at 5pm TODAY (Friday, the 13th!) and we'll be doing a random drawing!

So, on to the conclusion -- Part 4: Pens Galore! (Read On!)

Perhaps I should have started with the general pens category, but I couldn't resist talking about some of my favorite specialty goods! I've seen some -great- recommendations thus far, and I hope you have a few more to contribute to this post! If not, maybe tell me something on your personal wish list from JetPens! You never know... that wish might come true? :D

Let's get started!

#1 Pilot Prera Fountain Pen - Fine Point


Aside from a so-so experience with a Pilot Cavalier pen (mostly because the ink didn't really work well with the nib), this is my first experience with a true fountain pen and probably the best so far.

So much so, I bought two. ^^;


I've used this pen to do a bunch of autobiographical comics a handful of years back. (I suggest giving them a read - some of them are pretty funny. I should start them up again sometime...:3 )

I pair it with the matching CON-50 converter and use Noodler's Polar Black Ink when drawing.

#2 Uniball Signo DX 151 - 0.38mm


Uniball has many gel ink pens. Uniball has many point sizes and variations on their pens... but this specific pen is my absolute favorite. Both Scott and I have sort of stockpiled these pens for the coming apocalypse. Or something.

The Signo is comfortable to hold and writes fine lines (like all micro gel pens), but the biggest bonus is that the ink is practically waterproof. (Just make sure it's dry before doing any washes.)

I also like the capped version better than the retractable versions because I've had faulty mechanisms in a few of my pens. I also find the pen writes a little different. Call me picky, but I like my pens consistent and predictable! ':3

One of the best all-purpose writing pens on the market. Hands down!

#3 Sakura Micron Multiliners


Sakura is probably the best known multiliner brand, followed by Copic and Deleter. They're the staple disposable technical pen for most artists. I'm no different. But I prefer the Sakura pens as they are a little darker and more eraser-resistant than other brands I've tried. They're also easily found nowadays and affordable.

My usual lineup consists of 03, 05, and 08s for most of my drawing needs. :D


A while back, I found out about the -blue- barreled versions of the pens they sold in Japan. From what I understand, they're the exact same formula as the US version, different packaging. I picked up a few from Kinokuniya the last time we were in California and I haven't noticed a difference. So, just passing that info along. :D

#4: Deleter Drawing Manga Ink #1


Lastly, this is my favorite drawing ink for inking comics with steel nibs. It's an easy-to-use ink that dries quickly and draws nice, smooth lines on comic paper and bristol board. Also, when the ink is fresh, it has a pleasant, faint, "herbal medicine" kind of scent.

Like the Kuretake Fudegokochi sign pens, the ink is a little shiny when wet and "sits" on the surface of the paper, which also means it doesn't "bleed" and "feather" much.

Final note -- this is not an all-purpose ink. It's not waterproof and should not be used in fountain pens. I don't even recommend it for brush inking -- there are better inks for that. :3

* * * *

And there you have it!

Once again! Let me know what your favorites/recommendations are! Responses will be accepted until 5pm Hawaii Standard Time to all four (4) blog posts! :D The winner will be drawn via random number generator and contacted via e-mail!

Good luck everyone and again, a big thank you to JetPens for hosting this! :D

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20 Replies

  • Heather

    Sakura Micron Multiliners all the way XD

    although admittedly I like drawing with ball points sometimes too and I love using Pilot BP-S Fine points :)

  • Aisazia

    I use Bic Crystal Pens to sketch since they are cheap but lately I've been trying out Fountain and Brush Pens. I do like the Microns and the Faber Castells are nice. I've been trying out Lamy Safaris, Noodler's Ahab Flex, and Noodler's Brush pen. Still need to get a good handle on them but they work nicely once you get used to them. :D

  • Kathryn T.

    I love pens! In particular, I'm constantly searching for super-fine-point pens, which can be annoyingly hard to find at office supply stores. Seeing the example kanji-writing on the page for the Uni-ball Signo, I really want to try one... the finest-point pens I have have a tendency to spread, which gets really annoying. I'm quite glad to have discovered this series of blog posts... I've found a bunch of things on JetPens that I really want now. :)

  • Emily

    I also second the Sakura Microns. They dry super fast and don't smudge if you erase pencil lines underneath. I also use the 03-05-08. They're great for illustrating greeting cards.

  • Jo

    Sakura Micron's for me~ Plus, as an archivist, I appreciate that they're acid-free X3
    They're easy to find, and cheap enough that I can get a few sizes to play with. ^^

  • Sonira

    I've used Sakura Microns a lot, myself. Though, I recently picked up some Copic Multiliners. They're quite good, definitely at least as good as Microns, if not, better (in my opinion). I've done most of my ink work in them over the past two years. They dry quickly, as well, so they can be great with watercolor work. Unlike Copic markers, they're low in price.

  • Kayla

    I use both the Uniball Signo and the Sakura Micron Multiliners and they are at the top of my list!

  • Kaeo O'Sullivan

    Disposable fountain pens for me. I like the one from Bic, though having one with a flexible nib is awesome too. :O)

  • mu

    I've tried Sakura Micron pens, but I prefer the Copic Multiliners more. ^_^
    I have also tried the retractable Uniball Signo ^-^ It's really cool and I like to sketch with it. I like the thinner one~ 0.38.

    This has been really fun! Thank you! :D

  • kaitou

    I have two sets of microns around (don't want to have one dry out and not have a spare).

    Sharpies are OK for making signs and I know some webcomickers use them for sketches at conventions, but I wouldn't use them for real art.

    I'm interested in what you consider good ink for brushes (and which brushes you prefer).

  • Hunter

    I'd love some Sakura Micron Pigma inks for my drawings but can't afford them so I have to stick with ball point pens (although now I'm officially out its been 4 months)anyways other than that Bics are ok and I tend to use Sharpie fine tips >.> yeah....I'm poor. But I prefer pens rather than ink in a container because less mess.

  • sera

    Yet another Sakura Micron user here. hehe It's nice to get all of this fantastic information!

  • Katie Tsue

    The Uni-ball Window Soft Color Double-Sided Highlighter Pen is super cute and very spiffy with its window in the pen area. The colors are perfect, not too dark! Cherry Blossom pink was my favorite, but I just recently lost my pencil case somewhere on campus.
    Also, currently missing Hawaii, grew up there my whole life, and now in school in Oklahoma. Miss seeing that big wide ocean!!

  • moritheil

    Interesting seeing what you judge pens by.

  • MonkeeBoo

    my favorite for the last 14 yrs are the pilot hi-tec c gel pens 0.25mm in all the colors available and the last couple years it's the pilot petit1 mini fountain pens.

  • Haruyo

    I have two favorites really. I love my Lamy pens, plain and simple. They flow well and the nibs are fantastic. However, they're generally too expensive for me to be running around with. So I typically use Sailor pens and my current favorite is the Candy, but I use the sailor clear candy right now. Unfortunately I dropped one and bent the nib T.T I managed to straighten it out enough to use, but it's not as smooth as it used to be. I do need to get around to buying a new one. >.<

  • Susie Suyama

    This is on my wish list for today!! Sakura Pigma Micron 005 Marker Pen - 0.2 mm - 6 Color Set!

  • wantei

    I wanna Sakura Micron for ani-arts!

  • Charles L.

    I'm a fountain pen buff. For all my doodling (when I'm not at my desk and can't use my brush pen) I use the LAMY Al-Star:

  • je-am

    you should do some more autobiographical comic, i loved to read them (: