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[Review] Ohto Graphic Liner Drawing Pen Set

2 Ish Good!

As I'm working my way thru all the Kickstarter orders/commissions, I've been testing a few new supplies as I go.

I made an order late last week from JetPens to restock on some ink cartridges for my oft used brush pens and pick up some new items that were just released. (I paid for the order FYI. :D) I was expecting the order to arrive on Friday, but low and behold, the mail carrier delivered my package today (Wednesday).

One of the new items I picked up was a full set of the Ohto Graphic Liner Needle Point Drawing Pen Set. They are sold individually, but are also available as a set of 5 and 6 pens. I picked up the set of 6 -- and I'm really glad I did.


First off, these differ from the Sakura and Copic multiliners insofar as they are not fiber-tipped, which often frays with heavy use... they actually have a roller-ball type tip, like the popular Pilot Hi-Tec C (as I recently found out when listening to Brad Dowdy's Pen Addict podcast. :D) To my surprise, they write quite smoothly (so far).

The ink is pigment, which is also waterproof and reportedly fade-resistant. To test this out, I used the 02 pen to ink one of my commissioned drawings from the Kickstarter project:


The paper is Clairefontaine Aquarelle Fontaine cold-pressed, 100% cotton, 140 lb watercolor paper. (What looks like skipping is me leaving spaces between my lines.)


Fading is minimal after scrubbing off my pencil markings with a kneaded eraser and the lines held up nicely to the watercolor washes. :D (I did some tests beforehand to make sure the ink wouldn't bleed or feather once covered with water.)

I'm quite pleased with the set so far and glad I picked them up. I'll be using them to complete a few more drawings I have due, so if I come across any new findings, I'll be sure to add them here. ^_^

Oh! I should note -- the sizing does not correspond with millimeter size. I have read via reviews that:

005 is a .3mm tip
01 is a .4mm tip
02 is a .5mm tip
03 is a .7mm tip
05 is a 1mm tip purchase accordingly~!

Let me know if you've given these pens a try and what your thoughts are! :D

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4 Replies

  • Dowdyism

    Thanks for the shout-out! :)

    I ordered one of these pens myself to try out before I ordered the set. I was very pleasantly surprised!

  • TJ@OHTOAmericas

    Yikes! I just wrote up a nice long reply for you and apparently entered the Captcha wrong...lost it all. :( So, hopefully my mind will keep up with the previous thought process.

    First, thank you for the review of the OHTO Graphic Liner 5-Pack! We really appreciate fair and honest reviews and look forward to many more from you!

    As you pointed out above, this does use the OHTO Single-Block Needle-Point Metallic Tip as opposed to a felt based tip. This is done to ensure smooth write-out from day one all up until the ink runs out which is critical to a technical pen. This is not to say that felt based pens like the OHTO Fude are bad, they are just made for different purposes.

    Yes, the numbering does not match the tip size (mm) but you have noted the correct size matching correctly!

    Again, thanks for the review! Let me know if there is anything else from OHTO you would like to review.

    Full Disclosure: I am with OHTO Americas.