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Episode 822 - Nice Doggies [Sam and the pups pay a chef a visit]

Nice Doggies
April 30, 2012 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

... get treats! :D

This is sort of based on something we saw while eating at Gregoire in Berkeley one evening a handful of years back. It was close to closing time and families were out walking their dogs. One of the chefs inside the kitchen had a tin of doggie treats for all their canine customers. ^^ It was so charming, it left an impression on us. ^^

We've been meaning to go back all these years. One day. Those potato puffs and roasted chicken were memorable. :3

Also! If you missed it, our latest Blue Hawaii comic is up in the nemu*gallery! Enjoy!

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Webcomic Transcription

Nice Doggies

panel 1: The chef is busy cooking, when Sam decides to pop her head in the window.
Sam: RRF!!
Chef: Eh?

panel 2: The chef notices her and says hello!
Chef: Why, hello there!
Sam: *wimper*

panel 3: Chef pets Sam on the head.
Chef: Awww~ what a nice doggy!
Sam: <3

panel 4: Anpan and Nemu decide to say heyo!
Chef: Oh! Wow!