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[Event 2012] San Diego Comic Con 2012

0 Ish Good!

Scott and I will be heading to San Diego next week Tuesday and returning to the studio on Monday. I apologize up-front for the lack of updates during this time. I have a lot of unexpected business things to take care of immediately and must be done before we leave. Thankfully, we're at a point in our comic where we can take a short break.

We will be exhibiting in the Small Press Pavilion, in our same spot: O-14!


We will be hauling a limited amount of goods, so if there is something -specific- from our shop (not including our spreadshirt goods) please contact me this weekend with your requests.

We will -not- be bringing the following:

  • nemu*nemu Vol 2

  • nemu*nemu Vol 4

  • Art of Nemu V 2

  • T-shirt (Henshin Rider OR Pollo Showers)

  • Large prints

We will have in very limited quantities:

  • PLUSH: nemu, anpan, enchilada, awake pollo, zen pollo, chibi pollo

  • BOOKS: volumes 5 and 6

  • FIELD NOTES: Blue's Gone Fishin'


  • PINS


  • 4x6 and 5x7 PRINTS

  • HATS: nemu, anpan, pollo


I will be accepting sketch cards request ($5 each) at the show. If you would like a commission (anything larger than 3x4"), please contact me before the show, as my color palette will be limited during the show. As always, if you provide your own sketchbook, I'll do a quick drawing for you for free. ♥

Hope to see you there~! If you will be exhibiting, be sure to drop your booth or table number! We'd love to stop by and say hello~ :D

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  • Shin

    I really wish I could've come to Comic Con this year. I was really looking forward to it. Just things on all sides were not working out to build up the funds or get a hotel.