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[Event 2012] San Diego Comic Con 2012 Post-Show Wrap-Up!

0 Ish Good!

Hi folks!

Scott and I are back from California and just beginning to get re-oriented with things back at the studio. It was a long and grueling show, but I'm super thankful for everyone who stopped by to say hello, introduce themselves, and pick up a nicknack to two~ :D Thankfully, everything fit into the suitcases we brought with us and we were able to get home with no problems. :D

As for site updates, I'm terribly sorry we had to put a hold on them while we were gone. There were a few important things that had come up right before the con that had to be handled immediately, and my comic had to take a back seat. I'll be working on some short-shorts so I can ramp up the next story arc.

In the meanwhile, catch some of our photos updated to our Facebook page! (and join in the fun there, if you have an account!) More to come later! :D


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