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[Art Supplies] What's in My Bag?

0 Ish Good!

It's true. Ladies have bags for everything... In fact, I swap between 2 different bags for my daily use -- depending on what I need to carry each day.

After doing 5 years of events, I've sort of whittled down my "art supply" bag down to some of bare essentials I need for most ocassions. (BTW, this does not include the supplies I need to exhibit, that's a completely different story... XD)

It all starts off with my Kutsuwa Dr. Ion Super Mega Pencil Case. ♥ I recently picked this up from JetPens for this exact purpose. (Previously, I used a number of cosmetic bags Scott's mom gave me from her Clinique gifts with purchase.)

Inside, it carries just about everything I need:


(What's inside? Read on!)

(Sorry~ Tried to take photos of the bag interiors, but honestly, they came out awful. Will try again with better lighting...)

Anyway, on to what lay inside!

Click to see a larger version~

Section 1:
- Kuretake Watercolor palette (transparent)
- Paper Towel
- 4-koma notepad (from Muji NYC)
- Mono Eraser
- Lip Balm
- iPod Nano + headphones w/ remote/mic
- Retractable box cutter
- Eye-dropper water bottle

Section 2:
- Promocards/business cards
- Index cards
- Blank sketch cards
- HB lead (Pentel Ain Stein Silica Lead 0.5 HB)
- Post-it-type flags (cheap ones from Daiso)
- Kuretake waterbrush (compact small)
- ColErase Light Blue Pencil
- Jot Stylus
- C-thru ruler
- Pentel Pocket Brush Pen
- Mechanical pencil (Retro 51 Hexomatic 0.7 w/ blue lead)
- Multipen (Uniball Jetstream - black, red, and 0.5 pencil)
- Sakura Pigma Micron 01 (Japanese edition)
- Copic Sketch Markers W00, W2, W4, W6, W8 (all warm grey tones)
- 4x6" Canson Montval watercolor block

So, this all fits into my art bag nicely, with extra room to spare. :D All I need to do now is attach some shoulder straps and this could easily double up as my go-to sketchcrawl bag. ♥

Where are all the copics you ask? :D

As much as I love them, I find I can get more colors without all the bulk by carrying a watercolor palette instead. (I often have to carry at least 2 of each major color and at least 4 different skin tones and browns.) True, it's trickier to get the watercolor set-up ready to go, but that's why I carry the warm grey set of markers. :D

(You can check out a whole bunch of the hardcover drawings I did with just the grey-toned markers at this facebook gallery.)

Most of the other tools are for note-taking purposes or are "emergency" supplies. ♥

So, more importantly -- what's in your bag? :D

[NOTE: CLOSED!] Simply respond to this post with a list of whatever supplies -- be it art supplies, school supplies, etc -- you carry around with you at all times! Brownie points if you include a photo! :D I'll do a drawing on Friday for this pair of new prints! ♥ (Entries will close on Thursday night!)


Full Disclosure: The "art supply" posts are a series of sponsored posts by JetPens. What this means is that some (not all) of the items have been purchased for the purpose of review. I encourage you to find the tools that work best for you!

I'll be continuing the series next week with my watercolor set up! :D


Congrats to #4!
Screen Shot 2012-09-06 at 9.08.57 PM.png Screen Shot 2012-09-06 at 9.09.05 PM.png

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20 Replies

  • Jamie

    ahhh...the drawings of Nemu, Anpan, and the girls in the tree is so cute!

  • Audra Furuichi

    Site hiccuped and reset to whatever was here last night. D: So here's a recap of what I have saved via e-mail:

    Aisazia: I usually just have my 5x8 sketchbook or 9x12 sketchbook with a pen.
    Usually black BIC crystal or a different color. I haven't quite got to colors yet. XD

    Garry Hannah: 1 a4 sketch pad, 2 technical pencils, 4 drawing pens, small, medium, large and brush, a large sandwich, and the lates addition of computer arts magazine.

    Tiffany Ross: My convention bag:
    1 9 x 12 Strathmore Smooth Plate Bristol
    1 Pentel Brush pen
    1 Blue filled mechanical pencil
    1 mechanical drafting pencil
    1 .07 mechanical pencil
    1 Lovely orange transparent ruler with an edge guard
    1 green or blue circle template
    1 red acrylic paper case filled with
    25 sheets of A4 Deleter Manga Manuscript Paper
    25 sheets of Staples brand matte photo paper

    Mary Guevara: i always carry with me a pen and paper so i can sketch down anything
    that catches my attention and inspires me when i am out and about. :)

    Daniel: School must haves:
    Energel Pens (Red, Blk, Grn, Prp, Blu), 2 Mechanical Pencils, 1 Japanese eraser (kawaii and effective), 2 highligters, White out, Paper (college and graph)

    If anyone is missing, please re-submit your comment! :D Thanks!

  • Haruyo

    I didn't want to spam everything here. So I made a tumblr for this. Hope that's okay. ^.^;;;

    • Audra Furuichi

      Yay! How do you like that case? Scott has something similar -- I'm going to force him to do a write up on it later. :D

      • Haruyo

        Actually, I was talking to Scott about it on Twitter when he ordered the case, if I'm remembering right. XD I like the case because it fits a lot of things, I seem to remember Scott got one that was a smaller design because he said he didn't need to carry that much. I also love how durable the material is. I tend to carry a LOT of supplies around with me for grading and what not though. ^.^;;

    • Hunter

      I like that case too >.< I got a plastic kind and the hinges are breaking.

      • Haruyo

        Captcha keeps eating my response. >.> I can't count anymore the number of times I've taped up a student's plastic pencil box. ^.^;; I think that the the plastic just doesn't have the tensile strength to deal with every day use. I really do like the zippers on the pencil case and how it has different sections and some pockets to keep things separated.

        • Hunter

          I have a few options I just have to figure out which is better.
          1 plastic Pencil Case with dividers (but one hinge is broke)
          2 little zip up pencil case baggy thingys that you can put in a binder only issue is everything is loose
          a metal tacklebox thing (it's just bulky >.<)
          and a round pencil case (once again everything is loose but it takes up too much space compared to the other)

  • AcroCake

    I don't have many art supplies, but I do have a lot of plushies. To make it fair, I have a rota of who to cuddle at night :)
    Monday - Sonic the Hedgehog
    Tuesday - Tails the Fox
    Wednesday - L (Deathnote)
    Thursday - Perry the Platypus (Phineas and Ferb)
    I spend my weekends at my boyfriend's house, and when I'm there my cuddle supplies are:
    Friday - Anpan-San
    Saturday - Pollo and Pollito (Chibi Pollo)
    Sunday - Nemu-Chan
    I also have 2 other buddies that don't have a specific day to cuddle and these are Hedgeworth (pictured) and Laboon from One Piece (he is too big to hug at night)!
    Here are the bedtime buddies I have at my house: ^^v

  • Avatar

    I made up an external link for the contents of my paint box:

    • Audra Furuichi

      Wow! That's an amazing amount of paints! :D How long have you been doing miniature painting? I find it much harder to find those supplies nowadays -- locally, at least!

      • Avatar

        Been at it a couple years now. I paint super-slow - a squad of ten orks will take me months to finish.

        Fortunately, the friendly local game store is only three blocks down the road, and there's also Michael's for general painting supplies. Need to order another brush, though, the one I have now doesn't have much of a point left on it... ;_;

  • littlebearries

    I am not that advanced when it comes to traveling with art supplies T_T

    I just carry a planner that is only for sketching and ideas for sketching, a Pentel .5mm mechanical pencil, and two Pilot BP-S Fine pens, one in black and one in red.

    ... it's like the Dark Ages! ;_;

    Here's a pic:

  • Hunter

    I love the prints by the way. Anyways to respond the question, since I don't have a case...well I kinda do its a small zip up round one that can't fit much soo that soo when I go on the street,
    I have this small sketchbook I made up of scrap paper and duct tape lol,
    always make sure I carry 2 standard pencils in case one breaks,
    some index cards,
    2 erasers
    a sharpener
    2 lead pencils one .7 and one .5
    2 containers of lead
    IPod Touch (w/ camera so I can take pics)
    lol I have a big hunting fleece jacket I love to wear lol although the pockets get crowded.

  • Audra Furuichi

    Entries are closed! Thanks for your replies! I'll be doing the drawing shortly! :D



  • thinac

    lets see
    almost a full set of sakura pigma pens
    white gold and silver paint pens
    mecahanical pencil, wood pencil
    lots of erasors
    sharpies (the new brush tip kind)
    my sketch journal (sleepy)

    i usally draw on the go ink it then when i get home i might color it if i feel like it (with copic)