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[Contest 2012] Meet our winners~!

6 Ish Good!

So voting has officially ended, as of 9pm Sunday and here are the results:

The winner of the Fan Vote - Mipi's Pannacotta


... and introducing the Judge's Choice - Claire M's Patch

Here's some of Patch's story:
"Patch's design was based off of the stuffed animal every kid had when they were little that went through everything. (Left outside, the family pet got to it, ect.) Having to be sewed and "patched up" so many times, Patch is a hearty pup who doesn't mind getting dirty; despite his classy yet rag-a-muffin style. His hobbies include tea parties in the sandbox and chatting with dust-bunnies. Likes: bread, jam, and tea. Dislikes: when moth's attack! (any bug who eats cloth)"

She even included an extra page of sketches~! ♥
patch's notes.png

As I mentioned earlier, choosing one from all the entries was -not- easy. There were so many with really cute designs, great back-stories, and they -all- had a lot of personality. I chose Patch for his dapper style and classy pastimes. He jumped off the page and I could just imagine all sorts of adventures he'd go on. (Or had been on! :D)

So congratulations to both Mipi and Claire for their winning entries and thank you to everyone who participated in the contest!


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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