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The Pups Have LANDED!

2 Ish Good!

After long long looooooong last, the pups have FINALLY arrived. After a quick inspection and a particular hot weekend of photo-taking and photo-editing, they have been added to the nemu*shop!

We are happy to (officially) introduce our four (4) new pups!

The first of the the limited edition niko*niko, or as we're officially calling them, LOL line! LOL Anpan is the same as the original Anpan, but complete with a big smile! His signature shiny red scarf is also removable!


The second of the limited edition LOL line is Nemu!

He's super smiley this time, with an updated cotton yellow triangle scarf! He's made the same way as our (mostly) sold out original Nemu (which are available at in-person events and by request as our quantities are very low.)


Introducing Enchilada Grande!

Many have requested a full-sized, soft plushy version of Enchilada over the years and we're happy to finally add him to the collection!

He comes complete with his matching Olé scarf and his boots and belt are attached to his body. He matches both Chibi Pollo and Zen Pollo in size too!

Make him his very own spaceship and get ready for a lifetime of adventure!


And our very latest pup, Blue!

He's the star of our local spin-off for the Star Advertiser every third Sunday, titled Blue Hawaii! If you catch up to his adventures here in the nemu*gallery!

He comes with his signature blue neck tie, complete with his embroidered felt "pin" to remind him to stay sunny. ♥


The pups can be purchased in the nemu*shop individually or in combos of two, three, and all four!


Find all the pups and more at the nemu*shop! :D

So who's your favorite of the new pups, and why? :D

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