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Episode 936 - Problem Solved

Problem Solved
October 19, 2012 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

In the grand scheme of things, are problems really problems?

Continuing along with Peanuts-inspired comics! What do you think so far? :3

* * *

Now I'd like to ask your feedback on something~

I'm not sure just where or how is the best way to get site updates/information out to you, my readers.

I don't want to assume most people are getting this info via Facebook -- since I know not everyone uses it. I also post to twitter, tumblr, deviantART, and the comic to reddit, a newsletter, and e-mail notifications.

How do you like to be notified? ♥

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11 Replies

  • jmt

    I should remember to always copy the text in case I get the capcha wrong...
    Anyway, Ani's right. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Kana should be happy she has problems some people would kill to have. Not just Third World ones. Regular orphans, or homeless kids, or people stuck eating cafeteria food, or people who have to share a room with two siblings, and you know if your siblings cause trouble and you don't, they're going to get all (it'll feel like all) the parental attention. Guaranteed.
    Second go at the capcha...

  • Ameko

    I get most of my updates from FB...although I do miss some that way <.<;;; but it is my main source of Nemu fun! ^-~*

    • Audra Furuichi

      Ah~! I understand. I've also been adjusting the times I've been updating the comic link there. Facebook is pretty tricky with how posts get broadcast to users there. It's easy for a lot of my notes to get lost in the pile there. Similarly, I don't like to "spam" multiple posts a day -- which we have to do on twitter. T_T;

  • yoshi082079

    I normally remember when the comic is updated. I understand there will be hiccups in the planed updates but I know to check back everyday unless something is posted on the news page.

  • AniMatsuri

    I'm probably old school in that I keep up with the e-mail updates. That way I'm not constantly visiting the site on Mon., Wed, & Fri. until something new shows up.

  • Super epic man

    Charlie Brown?

  • Arya

    Very cute! I love the idea that you used Charlie Brown.
    Kitsy, will you come and do a presentation at Mililani Public Library again?

  • MrSnow

    hahah more like a fortune/palm reader than a therapist

  • Shane.Z

    Because I follow both of you on Twitter and other various nemu characters I get updates that way generally and occasionally through Facebook. Part of me wishes there was a nice visual website or other organization application that I could see all my updated web comics at once and keep track of them. Like RSS but more elegant.

Webcomic Transcription

Problem Solved

panel 1: Anise seems genuinely interested in Kana's problems.
Anise: So! What's the problem?
Kana: Lately, I've been feeling like no one appreciates me...

panel 2: Kana explains.
Kana: I get good grades, clean my room, cook dinner… but my parents don't seem to care.

panel 3: Anise gives her some advice...
Anise: Just think about all those poor, homeless kids starving in third world countries.
Kana: Huh?

panel 4: which doesn't agree with Kana at all!
Anise: See? Your problems aren't really problems at all! 25 cents please.