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Moving into the Holiday Season

2 Ish Good!

We're days away from Halloween and I just had a few announcements for the upcoming season:

1) Events

You can find the most updated listing of our in-person events on the nemu*nemu main page. Just scroll below the comic and look to the right. I may make small adjustments to include maps and such when that information is made available to me. It's the most up-to-date information in one place. :D

First one up is the Noelani Winter Craft Fair on November 10th!

2) October 30 - November 7

We will be away from the studio and all orders from the nemu*shop will be held until we return. We will still be updating comics as normal during this time.

3) Spreadshirt

It has come to our attention that Spreadshirt has changed their method of shipping earlier this year and this change affect primarily folks who live in Alaska and Hawaii.

In short, their orders will take roughly one month to arrive in Hawaii AFTER they have been shipped from Spreadshirt's factory. I don't know if this affects their express shipping options. So if you plan to pick up items for the holiday season, order sooner than later.

As a second note - These shirts/bags are made to order and we do not stock them. Therefore, we will not have them at in-person events. I will have some Keep Calm, Henshin Rider, and nemu logo bags available for our shows, but they are limited in quantity.

* * *

Other than that, find our latest wallpaper set in the nemu*digital shop!

I'll have a new holiday themed one up when we return, so look forward to it! :D

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