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Episode 942 - Missing Persons

Missing Persons
November 2, 2012 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

So just where did all those old characters go?

*eyes the Disney vault... o_o*

* * *

Thanks for all the great feedback on the Halloween comic! I'll work on a t-shirt version when we return home mid-next week! I'll keep you all posted then!

In the meanwhile! Have a great weekend! :D

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Webcomic Transcription

Missing Persons

panel 1: Anise is dressed up like Peppermint Patty, so I suppose Kana is Marcy.
Kana: What are you doing, sir?
Anise: Just thinking...

panel 2: Kana listens...
Anise: Did you know that Charles Schulz dropped what he deemed "minor characters" from Peanutes during the fifty years of doing the comic?

panel 3: Anise talks about the history of Peanuts characters...
Anise:Poor Patty, Shermy, and Violet. What ever happened to them? He kept the "fun" characters like Peppermint Patty and gave the boring ones the boot.

panel 4: and a bold prediction!
Anise: I think you're next!