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Episode 943 - What A Racquet

What A Racquet
November 5, 2012 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

The similarities can be uncanny!

A short return of Pollo, filling in for Woodstock! :D
* * *

Meanwhile, hope the rest of you are adjusting to Daylight Savings Time! It doesn't apply in Hawaii, but we're catching it full force out here~ :D

We'll be back in the studio on Wednesday! If you've been enjoying these Peanuts tributes, share them with friends! :D

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Webcomic Transcription

What A Racquet

panel 1: Pollo flies dizzy to Nemu on Snoopy's dog house.

panel 2: Nemu wonders what happened to him.
Nemu: Oh noes!! Wat happen'd?

panel 3: Pollo explains...
Pollo: Pi pi pi pi!!! PI PI!!
Nemu: Oh~ dats no good...

panel 4: Oh… Poor Pollo!
Nemu: Pollo was at the tennis courts and peoples used Pollo as da ball by accident!