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Since folks are in the buying mood, I'd like to make some recommendations for stuff that we love that we think would make great gifts! If you agree and think we have great taste, please help us out this holiday season by clicking on any of the links below before shopping at Amazon! We will get a small (and I mean, like under 10%) percentage credited to us, and in these tough times, every little bit counts. ^_^
[Note: We don't get any credit from Zuca or RightStuf!, but choices are good too! ♥]

1) Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Box Set

Nausicaa Box Set

This is the holy grail of manga. It's what got ME started in comics waaaay long ago when I was in middle school. You may have seen the movie, but Nausicaa's story is so much larger than what can be told in just an hour or two.

In fact, I have a copy of this on order to add to my collection. XD

[Note: This set seems to go in and out of stock at Amazon due to some "product flagging". You may have to check in to see if it is available at various times.]

- - -

2) Ano Hana
- via Amazon
- via RightStuf

Ano Hana

I just happened to watch this series one day and was hooked after the first couple episodes. It's a short series, but one of the most poignant I've ever seen and you'll thank me for introducing it to you. :D
Here's the story in short: Tragedy pulls a group of young friends apart, but also brings them back together with the help of a persistent, but very loveable ghost.
Ano Hana is more of a "drama" series, so it may not be the best for -young- kids, but teens and up will relate best.
You can watch the first few episodes for free via Crunchyroll, but the rest of the series is available only to premium subscribers.

- - -

3) Zuca
- Direct via Zuca (How I ordered mine~)
- via Amazon


Okay, this is a little more "utilitarian" than fun, but if you know of someone who travels a lot, I cannot recommend a suitcase more.

The Pro series is more expensive, but it has been a guaranteed carry-on for me this past year. It comes with packing bags to help compress down your clothes, and a hefty-yet-lightweight metal "exoskeleton" that not only ensures you have the most room to pack your belongings, but a frame strong enough to sit on or use as a make-shift table when you're on the go.

I can't speak for the new Flyer Travel, nor the Sport/Pet versions. From what I understand, the Sport version will need to be checked in as luggage.

If you've seen us at some of our in-person events, you may have seen us sitting on them at the table. XD; I've even hauled a case of water bottles and a couple packs of books across town in mine. When I travel, I pack all my clothes in the compression bags with a collapsable duffle (like this one). That way I'm guaranteed to have one way of bringing back my delicate/perishable goodies in one piece. :D

- - -

4) Regis Faller's Adventures of Polo
- Regis Faller's Books via Amazon

Adventures of Polo

Polo's adventures are great for just about everyone. It may be billed as a "picture book", but really think of them as "wordless comics". In fact, his books inspired my watercolor story, "Nemu's Adventure".

They're short, simple, imaginative, and really cute. ♥

- - -

5) Madoka Magica
- Part 1 (of 3) via Amazon
- Part 1 (of 3) via RightStuf

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Mid-year, I started working on some watercolor fanart pieces and many were from this particular series. By episode three, I was hooked and am waiting for the chance to see the three theatrical releases.
It's not a series for young kids, although it may look like your typical Sailor Moon-type of magical girl series. It's pretty dark and somewhat grim, with nightmarish visuals and haunting music but smartly written and cleverly told.
You can watch the series on Crunchyroll in it's entirety, if you're curious! :D

- - -

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