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Episode 951 - Shopping Madness

Shopping Madness
November 23, 2012 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

While Black Friday basks in the glory of the moment, Saiba Monday encounters new challengers to the crown of "Best Shopping Day of the Year".

* * *

Happy Post-Thanksgiving! Let the holiday season officially begin!

Our holiday sale is in full effect, complete with great package deals and art commissions!

Our next local event is at the HUOA Okinawan Center in Waipahu this Saturday and Sunday! Find us inside the ballroom! Doors open to the public at 9am, or as early as 8am with a $5 donation to the center!

Hope to see some of you then~! ♥

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5 Replies

  • Robert K. - San Jose,CA

    Team Nemu... This strip made me laugh sooooo much this morning. I'd rather read 100 of these strips than stand in an early morning Black Friday line... Apologies Black Friday, Nemu-Nemu gots you beat

  • jell-o-cat

    oh my gosh, this is brilliant you guys.

  • Puck

    I cast my vote for Small Business Saturday. (I'm praying we'll see a rebirth of the artisans of various and sundry professions. PLEASE, G-d, let that happen.)

  • AniMatsuri

    Small business Saturday: overwise known as people who need lots of support because on paper they are one of the "rich" who need to pay their fair share.

  • MrSnow

    love it.

Webcomic Transcription

Shopping Madness

panel 1: Black Friday is on a rampage while Saiba Monday looks on.
Anise: With BLACK FRIDAY grabbing all the glory this year, SAIBA MONDAY takes a back seat...

panel 2: Cyber Monday simply cannot win.
Anise: To yet another challenger… SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!
Small Business Saturday: NYAHA!

panel 3: BaiMai Junk Tuesday tries to sell him a watch.
Anise: At least he has his chance to shine before BAIMAI JUNK TUESDAY.
BaiMai Junk Tuesday: Hey man- need a watch?

panel 4: Kana doesn't believe any of it.
Anise: He never stood a chance.
Kana: Ok, NOW you are making stuff up.