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Episode 954 - Dear Santa Part 1

Dear Santa Part 1
December 7, 2012 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Altruistic? Optimistic? Or just plain sarcastic?

* * *

Ahoy folks~ So so so sorry for the delay in comics. I had been sidelined with back pain for the past week and I'm getting back on track. :3 Thanks for all the kind comments via e-mail, facebook and twitter!

While getting back on track, I'm also prepping for my last event this year at the Moanalua High School winter craft fair. We're in the same spot -- table #99 under the covered corridor near the school's food tents. :D Hope to see you there!

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Webcomic Transcription

Dear Santa Part 1

panel 1: Anise sits down to write her letter to Santa as Anpan watches.
Anise: Dear Santa,

panel 2: Anise makes her wish...
Anise: This year, all I want is PEACE ON EARTH!

panel 3: And chuckles at it a bit. Anpan can't believe it!
Anise: hur hur hur

panel 4: Ah! That's the Ani we know.
Anise: (Since that's a kinda hard gift to give, please see the next page for my Christmas list.)