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[Sketch] 2013.01.13

0 Ish Good!


Today was the JCCH's New Year's 'Ohana Fest! OMP it was a long long day -- but a huge thanks to everyone who braved the parking nightmare to come and see us! Regardless of buying stuff, I appreciate everyone who comes out to say hello. ♥

I have to say -- Anpan lovers came out in droves today! It's not often that Anpan tops the plush sales, but we sold more Anpans than all other pups combined today. Count both Scott and me amazed. ♥

(However, Pollo is always King. By a long shot. ★)

Poor Enchilada -- still not quite as popular as the other pups... yet!

30 min sketch in Manga Studio. :D

BTW -- if you want a wallpaper of this sketch for your idevice (1136x640), you can grab it here!

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