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[Sketch] 2013.01.20

1 Ish Good!


The pups' eyes are on the prize!

Today, I did a little research on watercolor techniques at the library -- since I've never had any formal training or classes. The book I borrowed, Basic Water Color Answer Book, had a lot of examples of really amazing washes and gradients. (BTW, I think the book may be out-of-print, so you may have to hunt it down in your local library.)

Inspired, I decided to give it a go in today's sketch. Also attempted inking the lines after I laid down the base colors, then layered more color on top to build more depth. Little by little, I think I'm getting the hang of things. ♥

Watercolors & raw umber acrylic ink on 4 x 6" Arches hot-pressed watercolor paper. Clocked in at around 1hr 30 mins?

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3 Replies

  • MochiMomo

    Love the colors! It almost looks like it was done with pastels.

    I think I had that watercolor book; North Light Books had a book club and I think that was one of the books I bought. Not sure what happened to it as it's been a while. They also had a great book on making watercolor portraits.

    • Audra Furuichi

      Thanks! I think it's partially because the paper itself is so "flat" (versus the usual texture of watercolor paper), it gives it a very different feel. :D It's not the easiest paper to work on with watercolors -- especially for washes, but it's really nice for getting that watercolor feel with markers. :D

      I'm a little bummed to find this particular book is out-of-print, I guess it means I'll have to scout out the others in the libraries. The tips have been pretty helpful. ^^

  • Tsunade

    Great Sketch Kitsy, the scene is really cute and I like the definition. It'd be awesome to be able to do that =)