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[Sketch] 2013.02.14

0 Ish Good!


Happy Valentine's Day!

We typically don't do anything special -- though today I ended up spending most of the afternoon in the kitchen cooking this for dinner. Warning - it says about 1 hour total prep & cooking time. It took me almost 3 hours. X_X;; But! The end result is fantastic. The roasted mushrooms, bacon, and caramelized onions really put it over the top. I just didn't add the fontina, goat & blue cheese. It was getting rather expensive with the bacon, parmesan and gruyere blocks and I didn't think we'd miss it.

We ended off the evening with some ice cream and comicking. :3 How'd you spend your V-day? :D

Manga Studio 5, roughly 30 minutes. (Get MS5 @ Smith Micro!)

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  • Shane.Z

    Wow, that mac&cheese looks amazing :D I should make this for my sister when she gets back from school for the brief time I'll see her (though minus onions, she hates those).