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Episode 1009 - Economy Flight

Economy Flight
May 3, 2013 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Where has the joy of flying gone?

Continuing on with Vachel's stay in nemu*nemu land~ He's so much fun to draw~ I wish I could get Chris' nuances down. :3 There's a certain charm to how he draws their expressions -- especially Vachel's "muppet-eye" face. (Which incidentally doesn't happen too often in Little Dee.)

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Webcomic Transcription

Economy Flight

panel 1: Vachel is sitting outside of the airplane near the tail, wearing sunglasses and a flower lei while sipping a Mai Tai.
Anpan: So how did Vulture gets here?
Vachel: Well, I was on my way home from my Hawaiian vacation, but my wings got tired. So I decided to hitch a ride.

panel 2: The plane starts to jitter and Vachel is tossed around!
Vachel: But the so-called pilot couldn't fly his way out a paper bag. "Turbulence," he called it. Riiiight.

panel 3: Then he falls off the plane!
Vachel: Before I knew it, I was falling out of the sky! That's the last time I fly economy.

panel 4: Anpan can't imagine what it's like falling off the plane.
Anpan: Dat sounds SHPOOKERS!
Vachel: Tell me about it! A bag of peanuts was, like, five bucks!