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Episode 1018 - Work In Progress

Work In Progress
May 27, 2013 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Sorry for the late update -- I had most of the comic done last night, but we went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness in IMAX 3D and this happened:


Er. Yeah. The motion sickness lasted to this morning. :\ Me and 3D don't mix. I'm getting old. T_T;

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day holiday (if it applies to you!) Many thanks to all who have served our country.

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4 Replies

  • koukoupuffs

    Not sure it really has to do with getting old but simulation sickness can happen to people of all ages~! Don't feel bad!

    I mean, I feel like I want to puke when playing FPS games or even Dragon's Dogma. ^^

    • Audra

      I used to be so much better and handling when I was younger, but getting older I notice it gets worse and worse. T_T;;

      It's part of the reason why I held off of buying a 3DS for so long, but then the while Animal Crossing bundle became a reality.. and well.. if I can turn off the 3D, I should be OK.. I think? ^^;

  • Djer

    I dunno how much of that was the 3D and how much was IMAX, though. I know whenever I go to an IMAX film (Like Dark Knight Rises) I get really motion sick, but when I see it in a regular theater I'm fine. Maybe the same is true for you? (IDK)

  • Oraxia

    As a person who knits, I feel obligated to point out that weaving is a completely different fiber art. They should be intricate stitches, rather than an intricate weave. Just a little nit-pick (knit-pick?) :)

    I'm also curious to see how this benefits the vulture :D

Webcomic Transcription

Work In Progress

panel 1: In the corner of the room, Vachel finds a basket with a knitting project and yarn.
Vachel: What's this?
Anpan: Oh. Dat's Kana mama's knitting shtuffs.

panel 2: Vachel holds up the project to admire the work.
Vachel: She's pretty good at this. Look at this intricate weave. Simply beautiful.

panel 3: He then notices the awful tangled mess next to it. There is a sign that says DO NOT TOUCH. WORK IN PROGRESS
Vachel: Whoa. What on earth is this?!
Anpan: Oh. Kana Mama ish teaching Ani how to make a scarf... or shometing.

panel 4: Vachel picks it up and can't believe the mess he sees.
Vachel: This is poor work. This will never be a scarf. Lets see if I can fix it.

panel 5: Anpan picks up the sign and warns Vachel.
Anpan: Wait Ish says you do not touch!
Vachel: It also says "work in progress." And unless I work on it, that can't be true.

panel 6: Vachel gets to work on fixing the mess that Ani started.
Anpan: Ooh! Dat makes sense. Vulture ish shmart.
Vachel: Especially when I benefit from it.