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Episode 1034 - Dreaming or Drowning

Dreaming or Drowning
July 3, 2013 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

The sinking realization that things aren't what they seem...


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Webcomic Transcription

Dreaming or Drowning

Panel 1: Anpan finds himself gliding through blue.
Anpan: Whoa. Anpan ish... FLYING

Panel 2: Small objects appear in front of him.
Anpan: Light as a feather! Anpan ish floating through da air~ Ish just like Vulture said it'd be!

Panel 3: A school of fish and turtles float by Anpan.
Anpan: Waitaminit… fishies?!? Wat dat?! TURTLES?!

Panel 4: Anpan has a grim realization that he's not in the sky..
Anpan: oh. my. -glub glub glub-