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Episode 1039 - Nice Tomato

Nice Tomato
July 15, 2013 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

... and we start on something completely different~!

Happy Monday!

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Webcomic Transcription

Strange Summer

panel 1: Anise and Kana walk to summer school.
Anise: Ugh. Summer school SUCKS. As if we don't have enough school!
Kana: I think our creative writing class is OK so far.

panel 2: They spot a woman in their neighborhood digging through the bushes.
Anise: Eady for YOU to say Ms. Brain. It's just more work for-

panel 3: They stand back and watch her yelling at the shrubs.
Lady: AARGH! I'M GONNA BE LATE! Wherever you are, STAY HERE! Don't leave the house!

panel 4: Anise whispers to Kana...
Anise: Who or what is she yelling at?
Kana: Dunno...
Anise: Oookay...

panel 5: The woman takes a breath, then breathes out in frustration.
Lady: GAH! Where could he be?

panel 6: She realizes she's being watched and quickly turns around and waves hello! Anise and Kana are freaked out by her.
Lady: Oh! Hi! Don't mind me! Just talking to the… PLANTS!
Anise: Umm~ No problem! Have a nice… tomato… or something! Keep moving! KEEP MOVING!
Kana: OK OK!